Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sew Crazy

Fall Crafternoon took place in our rather small apartment Sunday afternoon.  But instead of cleaning Saturday night, I decided to make a skirt.

I got it finished around 11 p.m.  But I also put the hook and eye in backwards.  :-/

I did manage to get the apartment clean for Sunday, and Crafternoon was crowded, but lots of fun.  One of these days I'll remember to take pictures during it.


This morning I finally tried out the fork pins I learned about from the couture dress class.

The fork pins keep layers of fabric from slipping, which is handy when matching seams.  This is a quilt for the church sewing circle.  I think the pins are working pretty well so far...


This afternoon I finally finished the muslin for my Sherlock Dress.  It's a complete redo from my first attempt.  I made the top and sleeves a size bigger, changed the pleats on the skirt, and made the pockets bigger.  

Next I have to rip it apart and start on the fashion fabric.


In other news, the West Seattle Fabric Company is opening a second location next month.  The Stitch & Sew Studio will be on California Ave, a couple miles south of the fabric store.  And I will be working there during the morning open sew hours Tuesday through Friday.  I look forward to seeing you there!

And by the way, the West Seattle Fabric Co. is having a great blowout sale this weekend.  You should check that out, too.  :-)

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