Saturday, September 8, 2012


This year I'm making two dresses for Halloween: a "Baby" dress for my friend, Lida, and a "Sherlock" dress for myself...

They will be the third and fourth dresses that I've ever sewn.  Dress Number 1 is a hideous green linen that lives in the back of my closet, while Dress Number 2 is a Jamaican floral print that I actually wore to two weddings this summer.  While my success with Dress Number 2 has inspired more self-confidence, I would love to actually know what I'm doing.  So I was really excited to discover "The Couture Dress" on Craftsy.  Yesterday morning I bought the class and then spent most of the day watching the videos lessons.  Couture sewing is going to take an eternity, but the results should be worth it.

I've go the pattern pieces cut out.  Next I need to mark the stitch lines then cut out and mark the muslin.

I made this sketch while proctoring the ACT this morning.  After four hours of fiddling with it, I couldn't get the shoulder to look like it wasn't disjointed.  : /

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