Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sunshine & Sun Bonnets

The long cold spring is almost over!  The sunshine this weekend prompted me to switch out our dark grey duvet with the bright sun bonnet girls quilt.  My great grandma Susie made these squares for me long before I was born.  Although I never got to meet her, I feel very close to her from the stories my mom and grandma tell.  And we share the same birthday, June 6th (along with her mother, my great great grandmother, Polly).  When I graduated from high school, my grandma made this quilt with help from her friends at the senior center.  It's completely hand quilted.  I remember one day visiting the senior center and putting in a few stitches myself.  So in this quilt are a lot of grandma Susie's stitches and a few of mine, linking us across the generations.

great grandma Susie (middle), her mother, Polly (left), and her grandmother (right)

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