Friday, August 28, 2015

Toddler/Travel Pillowcase Tutorial

A few weeks ago I finally finished the hand-sewn, hand-quilted hexagon blanket for my son that I started when I found I was pregnant. He's turning 1 in two weeks! It's amazing how times flies! Anyway, I had a bit of leftover fabric that I set aside to make a matching pillowcase.  I wanted an envelope style enclosure with a fun contrast band with a narrow accent, but I couldn't find a pattern or tutorial for exactly what I had in mind.  So I made my own.  Here's what I did:


1/2 yard Main Fabric
1/3 yard Contrast Band
1/4 yard Accent (optional)
13" by 18" Toddler/Travel Pillow (I used this one)


Main fabric--
  Cut one piece 30" wide by 14" tall

Contrast band--
  Cut one piece 11" wide by 14" tall
  Cut one piece 5" wide by 14" tall

  Cut two pieces 2" wide by 14" tall
  (Note: this makes a 1/2-inch wide accent strip, for a narrower strip cut the pieces 1.5" wide)


Hem one of the 14" sides of each contrast band.  Fold over 1-inch and press.  Open up the and fold up to the crease, press again.

Refold along both creases.  Edgestitch close to the fold.  This makes a 1/2-inch narrow hem.

Fold the accent piece in half length-wise and press.  Open it up and with right sides together, align along the raw edge of the contrast band.  Pin in place and sew along the crease.

Trim the inside edge of the acccent to 1/2". (This will reduce bulk in the next seam.) Fold along crease again.

With sides together, pin the main fabric to contrast band.  Sew a 1/2" seam.

Press the seam toward the main fabric. (It helps to press the seam open first and then to the side.)

Finish the raw edge with an overcast stitch. (A zigzag stitch or pinking shears would work, too. And if you have a serger--by all means use it.)

Repeat with the other side.

With right sides together, fold the pillowcase in half width-wise, so that the contrast and accent bands are aligned.  Pin in place and baste with a long machine stitch about 1/4" inch from the edge.

Fold the extra contrast over so that it wraps around the opposite side. Pin in place and sew a 1/2" seam along each side.  Finish the raw edges with an overcast stitch (or your method of choice.)

Turn right side out and you're done!

The finished pillowcase should measure 13" x 18".

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