Thursday, March 19, 2015

New Beginnings

This week I learned that my favorite little quilt shop--the place where I learned to quilt and always found so much inspiration--is closing its storefront and going online. The West Seattle Fabric Company has not only been a part of the community, it has created a community of aspiring and accomplished "sewists".  In 2011, I took my very first quilting class there, and a little over a year later I was began teaching quilting there myself.

Hearing the news of the closure has led me to reflect quite a bit about the last year and a half.  I left the Stitch & Sew Studio to go back to teaching math.  Then I left teaching math to stay home and be with my son, Frederick, born last September.  Now Frederick ("Freddy") is six months old and I feel like a mother bear must feel when emerging from hibernation.  I finally feel like I might be able to pull off this parenthood thing. I'm almost keeping up with laundry and dishes, and we eat homemade meals a few times a week.  I can even snatch a few hours for reading and sewing. Life is pretty good. But still I catch myself missing those fun, care free days working in the Studio.  

Monica & Greg, the owners of WSFCo, are forever looking on the positive side. So this weekend they are having a "Liquidation Celebration."  And when one door closes, another one opens.  They will continue selling fabric online and will teach classes, finish quilts, and repair machine out of their new space.

The Stitch & Sew Studio (October 2012)

Frederick Jason (6 months)

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